Best last-minute handmade gifting & personalization ideas

It’s a saying that “gifting is a way to remind someone that you wish for their happiness”; this is so true. No matter how much you talk or meet someone in person, remembering their special day, be it birthdays or anniversaries, and sending them a gift as a token of love and respect, make them realize how much they mean to you. Earlier the life was easy and smooth, and we all were in peace to enjoy and celebrate the special days; however, life has hit us hard in this pandemic. We all are so not in the healthy mental peace to celebrate anything with full power and excitement. More often, we forget the important things in our lives that require some preparations in advance. Agree?


There is a time that comes in everyone’s life when one forgets to plan a gift for someone very close to their hearts and could not think of an idea at the very last moment. For all those forgetful people out there, we have got some amazing last-minute handmade gifting and personalized gift ideas you can pick from and surprise anyone.


Scroll down for some out of the box and exciting gift ideas for that last-minute gifting purpose:

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1. Go down the memory lane card:

Log in to your computer or laptop and go on any designing software (canva for better and quick design templates). Design a beautiful personalized note sheet, get a hard copy of it and write down all the beautiful memories you have shared with the person and make their birthday memorable.

2. Bake a cake:

Even if you are not a good chef, you can opt for this idea. Look for easy birthday cake ideas at home on youtube, and you will be flooded with numerous videos to pick one.

Here is one for you:

3. Handmade beaded jewelry:

It may seem to be time-consuming or deep thoughts to create handmade jewelry, but all you need is the beads, threads, and hell lot of motivation. If you have beads at home, use them, else they could be easily available at any stationery shop nearby. String the beads on threads one by one and tie the two ends of the thread together, making a bracelet. In the same way, you can make necklaces too. Gift the beautiful handcrafted jewelry to your friend, mother, and sister on their special day.

4. Canvas Color Art:

Take an A4 or A3 size sheet and happy and joyful paint colors like pink, red, yellow, blue. Paint the sheet using these multicolors and pick a beautiful and motivational quote and write it on the canvas. Get the sheet framed, and you are good to go to gift it. This would turn out to be a decorative gift.

5. DIY Bookmarks:

What could be a better gift than beautifully crafted DIY Bookmarks for all the readers and book advocates? Even you can gift these handmade bookmarks to anyone studying or working too. Bring out the artist in you and create the bookmarks with the waste material you have at your place like paper, ribbons, buttons, stickers, ice cream sticks, and what not?

6. Paper Flower Bouquet:

Real flowers bouquet look pleasant, but after a day, it has to be disposed off. Create your flower bouquet using colorful papers and glue. This beautiful present would not just be a gift for them but a lifetime memory and your love for them behind it.

7. 52 Reasons why you love them?

Everyone loves to know why you love them! Take it as an opportunity on their birthday to surprise them and make them even happier with the creative and handmade gift. Make a list of the “52 reasons why you love them”; and write down each reason on a separate slip and fold it small. Collect all the slips,  put them into a glass jar with the lid, and tie a ribbon around it. Gift this to the love of your life and wait for the smile every time they open a slip.

8. Handmade Mini Photo Album:

Though everyone has a collection of pictures in the mobiles and laptops, crafting a handmade photo album for anyone would let them relive the memories and make them feel a little extra blessed to have you by their side. Use the waste material available at home and design your mini photo album to gift.

9. Personalized Mugs/sippers:

Personalized Mugs are amazing gift ideas to make your loved ones’ day special and memorable with the personal touch. It is a quick and easy process to get a photo printed. Be it any occasion, birthday, or anniversary personalized gifts hold a special place in the heart of a giftee. If you want to gift a kid, you can go for a sipper with a cute picture of a baby on it.

10. Personalized Passport Cover:

No time to explore or shop for a gift? Get a passport cover customized. There are a wide variety of designs and ideas for covers online. Go through the online sites and order your designs. You can get it customized with the name on it. If you wish to gift anyone on their anniversary, get a customized passport cover with “Mr. and Mrs.” and excites them to plan a couple of trips for them soon.

11. Personalized cushions:

Personalized cushions are surely a gift to spice up the room decor with a personal touch. Whether you are gifting someone close to your heart or a married couple, this gift would portray a symbol of love. You can order your pillow online with your choice of designs and prints. You can get a picture print on it or a love quote. Gift the cushion and make them cherish the memory forever.

12. Caricatures:

Caricatures are a fun option that can be presented as a gift. If a person is happy-go-lucky and fun-loving then this would be loved by him. This can be customized for singles as well as couples. Choose an image online and add the faces. This could be gifted to anyone on any occasion.

13. Personalized Tshirts:

The best part of a personalized gift is it conveys the message of sentiments and feelings without having to speak. Design your message and get it printed on a T-shirt. Making the person feel special and loved with your message is all the satisfaction you need.

14. Chocolate Hamper:

Chocolates are the ideal gifts when you are out of time and ideas to plan a gift for someone. Chocolate adds a little extra sweetness to a special day. You can gift chocolate hampers as a birthday gift, anniversary gifts, and of course, Valentine’s day.

15. Customized Desk Clock:

A desk clock is uniquely designed, with a beautiful message. This seems to be the best gift to present someone for the new venture with the best wishes to motivate and encourage them or their designation printed on it to make them feel proud and happy.


A gift is a token of love from a giver to a receiver. Gifting is the only way these days to stay connected with each other. Moreover, gifts make us realize the importance of people in our lives and their love for us. Keep sharing gifts with your loved ones to make them feel special and loved at every step of life.


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