10 of the most lavish birthday gifts for kids

Kids are the purest soul of all! They speak what they like or not without any hesitation or thinking about what would other think. Being a kid, we all got excited about our birthdays and the presents we received, segregating the best ones and okayish ones. As kids, always remember the best gift received and the giver for a lifetime. We all should put little extra effort into planning a present for them, and to make them feel more special and happy on their day or at least to be in their good books always. Lol!

 It’s not an easy task to plan a gift for a child on his/her birthday as they are picky about loving the gifts. To make this activity easier on your part, we have got some presentable gift ideas for kids they would surely love.

Go through the ten most lavish birthday gift ideas for kids listed below and plan the upcoming birthday accordingly.

Table of Contents

1. Customized Cakes: 

Though kids don’t eat cake much, a birthday is incomplete without a cake. If you are planning to surprise a kid on his birthday with a cake, then the first rule is to “Say No to Ordinary Cakes”! Kids get attracted to the colorful and presentable things, and cake is always a good idea if it is customized according to the birthday kid’s likeliness, like any cartoon character, his favorite sport, or a favorite activity.

2. Coloring books and Crayons kit:

Kids love to scribble here and there in the house with pencils, pens, or whatever their hands get on. To indulge these spoiled and naughty brats into something thoughtful and exciting, gift them a crayon kit and coloring books. They would love the present at the first pace and gets all excited to color the pictures in the books.

3. A hamper of snacks:

No matter how much the parents stop, kids love to eat junk food and chocolates. Rather than controlling, surprise them with a beautiful birthday hamper full of their favorite snacks, chocolates, and drinks on their special day and look at the spark in their eyes holding it at the moment

4. Puzzle Games:

Puzzles are a fun activity to do! Gifting puzzle games would be a great idea as this would keep a kid away from the phone screens and help in sharpening their minds too.

5. Printed Mugs:

Having a wide variety of mugs in the market, you can go crazy while choosing from the collections, in the end, it would be worth spending. You can pick any attractive printed mugs for kids, or you can also get a plain mug customized with a kid’s picture on it.

6. Remote control toy cars:

Boys are born sporty, and they have a strong connection with cars since childhood. If you are out of ideas to gift a birthday boy, pick a well-architectured remote control toy car, get it beautifully wrapped, and you are good to go.

7. Doll House:

Dolls are baby girls’ best friends! Isn’t it? If you are invited to a baby girl birthday party and don’t have time to explore the gifts, opt to buy a dollhouse. Girls love to play “Ghar-Ghar” and dressing up dolls, and there could not be an any better idea than this.

8. Clay and dough:

Just like puzzles, clay and dough is also a fun activity to get the kid involved. Gifting clay and dough would not only surprise kids, even their parents, as they are colorful, educational, playful at the same time.

9. Sketch board:

Being in a digital world, kids often see their parents with tabs, laptops, and phones and demand to own one too. Replace these gadgets and surprise your kid with a magnetic sketch board on their birthday. This particular product would make studies a fun task to do, and also can be used in free time to play along.

10. Piggy Bank:

If you want a kid to be sincere and thoughtful about savings from an early age, gift him a piggy bank on his birthday. Get a cute-looking piggy bank for your kid and encourage him to save some amount daily from his pocket money.


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