Festivals always come with a lot of happiness and smile. Christmas week is a magical time for all of us. It brings a lot of excitement, celebrations and surprises unfolded with it. One can always associate Christmas with mouth watering cuisines, meeting friends and family, celebrations involving lavish dinner and exchanging gifts. The practice of exchanging gifts during Christmas is a symbolic representation of the gifts by ‘THE THREE WISE MEN’ to the infant Jesus according to the Christian tradition.

Exchanging gifts with our loved ones during special occasions is a token of appreciation which we offer them for the role they play in our lives. It is an expression of love and thankfulness which we have for them in our hearts. Festivals end in a day or two, but what remains are the memories. A personalized gift for a special one is on such special occasions as Christmas can be one of the best ways to cherish such memories for a long time in our hearts. You should always make out some time to choose a special gift for your friends and relatives.

However, holiday shopping at times becomes stressful- especially if you are one of those persons who scrape the bottom of the barrel for creative gift ideas. If you are already scratching your head for the perfect gift for your dear ones, you are at the right place!

Being creative and adding a personalized touch to your gifts can make it stand aside from others. We are here to help you with some amazing concepts and ideas which you can inject while choosing a gift for your family and friends, co-workers, and the little ones. Just a touch of personal touch can be given to the gifts by choosing a color, trend, or match of their choice.

Here is a whopping list of options for you to choose from!

  1. Christmas Morning Coffee Mug
christmas gift ideas 2020

What could be better than starting your day with a good cup of coffee? And what else can you ask for, when that mug is gifted to you on Christmas by your loved ones! Friends and family who are coffee addicts will bless you for this lovely Christmas gift.

  1. Chocolate lover basket

Who doesn’t love chocolates in Christmas week? You can never put your wrong foot forward with a basket full of chocolates. I mean, you heard it right! Everyone loves chocolates.

  1. Hot cocoa

During chilly winter nights grabbing a mug of hot cocoa is a food pleasure you can give to your best friend’s taste buds. It is typically a staple on everyone’s kitchen shelf during winters. Cherish your Christmas memories by gifting a new variety of cocoa to your best friend or a dear relative.

  1. Wine lover basket

 I can guarantee on this over a thousand pounds that any wine lover will love a wine-themed Christmas gift basket! You can always give it an essence of personalization by adding things of their choice or even add some new favorites of the season which are in trend for them to try on! Enjoying wine gifted by someone special during winter nights is a bang on!

  1. Wall Art

Wall art can be a great gift idea for any of your relatives or friends who is a college student. You can always give it a personalized touch by getting your quotes printed on it, or even a family photo would do a great job! Great motivational quotes that match the room theme would work as a perfect room décor item.

  1. A polaroid camera

Nowadays when people are posting everything on social media like Instagram or Facebook, there are still some people who are old school and like to collect photographs. It’s always a good idea to collect and keep memories. You can choose another kind of camera too, but I think Polaroid’s give a whole other meaning to pictures.

  1. Scented Candles

Candles serve the purpose of the moment! Candles and Christmas weeks are a perfect match! There are so many options of fancy candles ranging from lavender, vanilla, and rosewood to apple honey! So, go for the right flavor which best suits the person you are going to buy it for. You just need to know the real choice of the person or can even opt for one of your choices for them to try something new.

  1. Photo Album

A photo album is such an amazing personal gift! Whether it’s a small or a bigger one, where you’re relative, colleague, or friend can put in their pictures or the one that you made for them. I just think it will be a great gift! What you can even do is to give it a great memorable picture of you and the recipient together to make it more happening.

  1. Watch

Gifting someone’s time is the best you can think of! There is a wide variety of watches ranging from analog, digital to fancy ones! You just have to pick the right option! You can never go wrong giving someone a watch. It is undoubtedly the most timeless gift, yet the classy one. And yes, it will never be kept in the cupboard or go out of fashion too! Whenever they would look at the time while wearing that watch, it would give your glimpse to them without any doubt.

  1. Sunglasses
sunglasses for christmas gift

You can invest in a pair of good sunglasses which are in trend and have nice shades for your traveler friend! He would always remember you while wearing them on an adventurous tour or even while sulking on the beaches!

  1. Subscriptions and Memberships

Honestly, there is a subscription service for almost everything these days. A particularly lovely one is for flowers, where the recipient is sent a beautiful bouquet or a potted plant each month. Also, with most of us spending more time at home this season, consider a subscription that provides indoor entertainment. You can even gift them a Netflix subscription, or go for a yearly digital magazine like Vogue for your fashionista diva girlfriend! A salon membership for your bestie or a gym membership for one of those lazy cousins who always think to get fit but lacks the motivation is a win-win situation.

  1. Perfumes

These are something incredibly practical that you know for sure that they will use. You can always choose the fancy ones which are something a little luxurious that they might not normally buy for themselves. Make a basket gift hamper full of quirky lipsticks, vibrant nail paints, a nice perfume and hey, you are good to go! We prefer them personally because they are guaranteed to be used. They will also save time, energy, and money for the person to go and buy them. So here you can go with a double win!

  1. Services

If you are one of those persons who believe in gifting something useful, this option is for you. This can either be something you offer yourself or some service for which you offer a third party. There are so many such services like car washing, window cleaning, grass cutting, etc.  If you know that your recipient needs these services and was planning to go for one, he would be more than happy to get that happen through you. Christmas already comes with a lot of work! If your gift can help someone get rid of at least one of them, it would be a relief for them which they would remember for long!

  1. Soft toys

Soft toys are favourites of kids as well as adults. You can always find a warm, cozy soft toy on the bed of every kid or teenager. You can give it a personalized touch by adding a handwritten note. Kids would love to get their favorite superhero or cartoon soft toys. With time, people get attached to their toys since they are their bed companions after a hectic day!

  1. Bakery

Christmas is a season of cookies and cakes. A box of assorted cookies or even a handmade cake packed with love would always be counted at the top of the list of special gifts.

  1. Flowers

Flowers are a no match when it comes to gifts. You can always move a step forward in the right direction by gifting a flower pot instead of a bouquet. As it would grow with time, you would feel more special about that gift. Also, it would be eco-friendly, and would be your step towards the idea of a greener planet!

  1. Books

A book is a man’s best friend. After knowing the choice and preferences of your recipient, invest in a book which he would love to read or the one which he was thinking of buying for a long time.

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In a pandemic situation, rather than stepping out of the house to look for a perfect gift, which in itself is very stressful, you can always make a wise decision of buying those same products online and getting them delivered to your doorstep or maybe directly to the recipient! Christmas wouldn’t be complete without exchanging gifts. So keeping in mind the health of everyone around you, always try to maintain a safe distance while still enjoying the festival with friends and family, and not losing the charm of it. This Christmas, go safe, go virtual, be smart! Online gift shopping is a great way to continue long traditions while keeping in mind safety and health too, at the same time! so, what are you waiting for? Explore our website while chilling in the comfort of your home, and trust me, you won’t regret it! You are going to find out your perfect gift at Present Perfect!

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