50 Thoughtful Gift Ideas and Gestures for a Friend in Need

Albert Schweitzer always quoted, “In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.” This person mentioned is here is a friend who is always there with us through in our journey of ups and downs in life. We often forget to show gestures towards them as we have many a time taken them for granted when the topic of gifting something to them arises. How about today we think of thanking them for all the late-night talks and random coffee meets and surprise them with an amazing gift to see that wide smile on their face. Believe us, once they will see that their friend has gifted them something, you would not need a camera to capture that happy moment, it will be a memory which will last forever in your mind.

Sometimes, we know what to gift anyone and everyone but often keep thinking about what our friend would like. Do not worry about it, we have astonishing gift ideas coupled with gestures which will leave your friend dazzled!

  1. Customised picture frame

Sometimes going an extra mile for a best friend who has become more of a family would always be cherished. You might love to flabbergast them by customising an idea of getting the best picture of yours with them framed. You can also get a frame which could have a personal quote such as “better together” mentioned in the best of the font.

2. Personalised Mug

A mug is used by everyone today for their morning drinks and it would be best if your BFF is reminded every morning that you are always there for them whenever needed. Gift them a personalised picture mug and they will think of you the first when they are up. Also, there are magic mugs which you can order which work in a manner as if when some hot water is poured in them, they light up and a colourful picture is reflected. This would bring colour to their life every morning.

3. Watch

Gifting a watch has always been referred to as a gesture of saying “Time flies when I am with you”. This would leave a personal touch and a watch is always preferred by both, men and women. This helps you out to ease up the option.

4. Casual bag pack

If you both love to travel, a mini casual bag pack should always top on your list of priority. When you are out the entire day discovering new places together, a mini bag pack which could be carried around your shoulder would prove to be helpful.

5. Sisters by heart bangle

She is just not your blood relative but a true sister by heart. Gift her personalised bangle and watch her wear the same proudly.

6. Customised T-shirts.

A customised T-shirt of their favourite colour with their treasured cartoon pasted on it would delight them and also would prove to be a gift which one can use. You can also choose the colour of the T-shirt which is preferred by them and this would lighten up their closet.

7. Fairy Lights

If your best friend is a girl and has always been inclined towards imaginary princess stories, gift them fairy lights to glow up their room and create a picture-perfect fairy tale room for them.

8. Customised face socks

If your friend is one of that crazy person in the room who always has pulled legs, get them personalised socks with their face printed on them. We assure you both are going to have a blast once your friend wears them and parties with you. Believe us, he is going to store them forever.

9. L.O.F Blue Wraparound Sports Full Rim Anti-Reflective Sunglasses

Lords of Fashion lightweight sports glasses which are carefully manufactured using the latest technology would be the best option if your friend inclines sunglasses. Moreover, they are shatterproof, windproof and dust-proof lens which gives oneself a clear view and protect eyes at the very same time.

10. Monthly wine subscription

Oh, this is going to surprise them for sure! This could be the best gift you can think of for a person who truly is a wine lover. Get a subscription for them and they are calling you for drinks every weekend.

11. Custom Coordinates Necklace

Remind your friend that you are every time thinking about them especially if they have shifted to a new town. You can even think of getting them plated with gold or silver of your choice. Rose gold would be preferred if your friend is a female and silver for a male.

12. Rucksack

A rucksack is the best option if you both are travel buddies. How about thinking of getting two rucksacks and twinning around the new town! This will create a new level of sensation between you both and travel will be better than ever!

13. Get them a beautiful scarf

If you both are living in a place where there is a lot of snow around, getting a good woollen scarf would be simple appreciated. Also, you would love when they would happily front around while you both a catching up for a cup of coffee.

14. Custom Morse Code Bracelet

Keep them wondering with this a lovely bracelet made of silver or gold that would come with a secret message written in Morse code.

15. Facial Mask for relaxation

Mask for tranquillity is simply a therapy. What would be the best when the therapy is done sitting at home!

16. Green tea

What is better than keeping a check on their health along with sending a gift full of natural love! Gifting a box full of green tea would remind them that even today, they have someone who thinks of their best of health.

17. Fish pedicure vouchers

Be it a girl or a body, both love it when fishes give pedicure. Get a couple of pedicures for you and your friend and try our rejuvenating fish pedicure to have a relaxing end to a hectic day.

18. Globex All in one multi-purpose Steamer Vaporizer

Steam Vaporiser is mostly used as a beauty product which helps in giving facials at home! Your friend would love to use them by adding inhalers like Vicks or others which would easily clean and purify the skin.

19. Name Earning

Name earning is much in trend these days. They are the best who loves to daily change their earnings and also for the ones who love their name.

20. Scented Candle

Everyone loves to have serenity and fragrance around them to keep up the positivity in the aura. Scented candle falls under the category and today tops the list of most loves items to add to ones home.

21. Clutch

Clutch is a need of the hour. No one will ever say that they in their life have more clutches. More the better is the saying which could be matched with every dress.

22. Personalised water bottle

A water bottle is used by everyone today and if you are one of them who think gifting something which could be of use is the best gift the water bottle is one of them. You can order to have a nice quote on the face of the bottle and would then gift with love. Also, choose your quote wisely as water has the power to manifest the good. If the saying is good, the effect will show.

23. Book a tarot card reading

If your friend is into the reading of horoscopes, gift them a session reading and see them dancing when they open the gift card.

24. Book

Book though seems to be a normal casual option but sometimes you will find a book which has the power to turn the life all around and inculcate a purpose for living. Find one book of such a nature and gift it to your friend.

25. Cosy blanket

A cosy blanket is a must for all those movie nights which your friends love to spend. A cosy blanket is always considered as a unique gift option but at the same time truly cherished by all.

26. Home footwear

Nowadays there is so many amazing footwear which has soft fur in them are creating a sensation like one is walking on clouds. What could be a better option to gift than this!

27. Juicer

Your friend is a health cautious person? Gifting a good juicer would be a blessing for them. Search for the best available ones in the market and surprise your friend with a wonderful juicer.

28. Gym membership

If you think that your friend has been planning to get a gym membership, surprise them with a pre-booked one. They are going to simply love the idea of you doing something for them of what they have been planning to.

29. Gift them vouchers of their favourite salon

Pamper them with vouchers of their favourite salon and let them have the best day of their life. They could get done with any and everything they want and this would be one of the best surprise gifts ever.

30. Boardgame

You both love spending weekends over each other’s place playing the board game? Do you recall them dreaming of purchasing a board game? How about you gift them one! The plus point would be that it will be a treasured collection and will last forever. 

31. Silver Jewellery

If you are planning to gift a girl, nothing is better than jewellery. There are so beautiful sets of silver jewellery in the market which can be worn on any occasion. Many can also be worn on a western outfit which looks classy when carried appropriately.

32. Laptop Bags

Laptop bags are necessary. If you have seen that your friend has just started a business or currently do not have a laptop bag, gifting the same would be a blessing. This plus point would be that it would not lie around some corner but would consider being uses as soon as your friend receives them.

33. Mini staycation

Everyone loves staycation. Plus in a hectic schedule where taking a holiday is not possible, one can always think of a staycation. If your friend of late has been working very hard but still cannot get time to get out and relax, book them a mini staycation to give them a sense of relief. They would consider this as the best gift ever.

34. Handmade bookmarks

If your friend is a bookworm, making a personalised bookmark which is handmade especially by underprivileged would give an essence of happiness that their gift has been bought for a good cause.

35. Coffee maker

Is your friend a true coffee lover? Invest a little in your friendship and buy them a wonderful coffee maker to cheer up their day. A coffee maker can give the best aroma and light up the mood. This is going to be their best friend in the kitchen.

36. Ticket for the amusement park

Get them tickets for their favourite amusement park and let me recall their childhood days. Now visualise their smile and feel how enthusiastically they are waiting for the day go sit back on their favourite.

37. Cologne 

There are much sublime cologne available in the market which is eyed by many. If you are one of them who could buy their friends cologne, you are always going to be on their top list and the bond will last forever.

38. A video card

Find out all their friends for a video card making and gift your friend the most amazing personalised message from their kith and kin. This gesture is the best one can think of after putting so much effort.

39. Yoga DVDs

If your friend is a yoga lover, gift them the best available yoga DVDs for a better understanding of the subject. They will not even waste a second and watch it till

40. Netflix Subscription

Everyone loves to watch content on Netflix but the only issue faced by people is the costing. How about this time you pay for their subscription and let them sit back and relax while they watch their favourite show sitting relaxed on their couch.

41. Pearl Necklace

Pearl is loved by all as it sits so beautifully on one’s neck. Also, it goes with Indian and western aptly and hence gifting them would always land you up in being at a peaceful state. This is because sometimes we do think about what if our friend would not like our gift. Believe us, a pearl necklace is the safest gift which everyone loves.

42. DIY embroidery kit

If you have heard your friend wanting to learn embroidery, this is your best time to gift them one. The thing which was been procrastinated since long would finally be learned and this will give them a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment of desire in life.

43. Portrait

Choose their best photo which could be converted into a portrait. Get the art done from a local artist and see that bright shine on your friend’s eyes when they see it.

44. Makeup collection

A makeup collection of a good brand can never go wrong as girls would never have enough makeup kit. Gifting a nice colour range of makeup kit would be loved by your friend.

45. Soft toy

Be it a girl or boys, both love a soft toy which they keep near to their bed. If your friend has always loved cartoons, get a soft toy of the same and surprise them with it.

46. Electric scooter

If you have a friend hold a habit of being late, help them improve innovatively by gifting an electric scooter. Its super fun to ride them and at the same time, it lets people reach faster at a destination than others.

47. Pottery

You can gift a pot to your friend who loves to grow vegetables in their own house. This would keep them occupied and give them a sense of satisfaction once the vegetable is grown. This also at times help as therapy and hence have been a picky place of interest by all.

48. Custom Map And Pen Desk Set

If your friend is an editor/writer, they always require paperweight. Making a custom map and pen desk would be considered as the best gift someone could think for a writer. This can also help to remember them about the trips they have waited to go on.

49. Mud Spa coupons

Mud spa has been of great interest to people though some may feel it a bit scary at first. Give them a coupon for mud spa and let them relax by rejuvenating themselves. The spa is always relaxing and after a hectic week takes away all the tension and gives oneself a magnificent flow of positive energy.

50.   A box full of assorted chocolates

Let your friends forget about counting calories and eating for a while and help them indulge in the beauty of rich cocoa and nuts. Chocolates are delightfully cherished by all and gifting a box full of assorted chocolate would leave your friend happier than ever.

Gifting shows love and affection towards one another. It gives a sense of satisfaction to the receivers that there is someone who took efforts in planning and arranging the gift and thus surely cares. Further, it helps inflowing of positive energy towards one another and at the end of the day gives mental satisfaction that no matter what; you have a friend who would never judge you for being who you truly are.

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